Whilst Placing in your wetsuit is usually a delicate process For most divers specially when the Sunshine will make you sweat along with your outfits glue about the pores and skin. But it surely is vital to learn This system In order not to wreck your neoprene and improve the life of it.See our tips to stay away from any inconvenience and set your n… Read More

Suunto makes simpler in PortugalDiving an Chance to get floraSuunto - Diving enthusiasts understand what I am talking about: barely the summer time (and when temperatures are not so hot), there is an irresistible impulse to fit with prestigious branded items such as Suunto , and (re) discover the marine paintings which are hidden in the Portuguese … Read More

Diving is, without a shadow of a doubt, a great way to keep fit, exploring the seabed and understanding better the waters of the peninsula or other terrific areas of our world. Of course, as for almost any other game, the material required to practice this sport in safety, being sure to relish the encounter, is definitely not affordable. For this r… Read More

Today, talking about sub clocks means pointing straight to a category of timepieces that is normally used for even ten per cent of its possible.What's it to get the best, which for him to dive to over 1,000 meters of thickness would be as simple as "drinking a glass of water", if the person has fastened his wrist to the maximum after a dip and a co… Read More